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‘Medium Rare’ is a shortfilm made by Mr John Vanilla while completing his Animation and Illustration degree at the University of East London in 2018. The project brief was to create an animated documentary based on ‘People We Know’. It started with an interview to his old manager in a burger restaurant.

The goal was to go through all different stages of creating a shortfilm, from the idea, creating the storyboard/animatic, design, developing the animation from rough to clean up and composite. The awarded shortfilm was exhibited in 10 film festivals across 7 different festivals.

Created by Mr John Vanilla
Tutor – Pooja Pottenkulam, Will Bishop-Stephens
Storyboard Mr John Vanilla
Design  – Mr John Vanilla
Animation  –  Mr John Vanilla
Music by – Cool Up Records, Francisco Narbona, Mario García

Personal Project

Concept Design